Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Byrd Family

Jon's thoughts: Prior to moving to Tucson from South Carolina, Kerry and Andrew had many gorgeous portraits created of their son. I was flattered with the opportunity to create this recent art piece for their family. I love children at all ages but there is something special about sharing time with a five-year-old. Their son is beyond his years brilliant! He is articulate, artistic, and knowledgeable about so many things. Conversing with him about our shared love of Star Wars was a highlight of my day.

This portrait was a long time in the making. Andrew's schedule as a pilot with Homeland Security keeps him incredibly busy. We took our time in scheduling our meetings so that he could participate every step of the way. Each time we met I grew fonder of this family. Watching that special bond that father and son share touched my heart. The love this family holds for one another is strongly evident in person and in their beautiful portraits. 

Kerry's words: Jon is simply the best. I purchased a session with him at a charity event with the intention of getting a portrait of my then five-year-old son. What quickly became apparent when I called to schedule the session is that Jon is no ordinary photographer. First, he wanted to meet with me and my husband prior to the photography session. I admit, I was initially puzzled by this but after meeting with him it made sense. During our initial meeting, he inquired about our goals for the session, general information about our family, our likes and dislikes. He educated us about the science and art of portrait photography and his philosophy as an artist. He talked us through his methodology about photographing the whole family - something that we had not previously considered. Neither I nor my husband felt like we were in our best physical condition and didn't necessarily want a family portrait to document that fact- but Jon convinced us to give it a go. I am so glad we did. On the day of the photography session, he was wonderful. He engaged our son and made me and my husband completely comfortable in front of the camera. He was patient and attentive to every detail. The results of his efforts are obvious with the finished product. To say that we were blown away by our pictures would be an understatement. Viewing the proofs and choosing our favorites to be printed was a daunting task, as there were so many great shots to choose from. We are beyond thrilled with our portraits and can't wait to receive our final, framed art pieces. Jon is a true artist - I would recommend him to anyone without hesitation.     - Kerry and Andrew


Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Judith & Gary Vance

Jon's thoughts: Judith and Gary, both retired from the Air Force, have traveled the world. Their shared love of adventure, sense of humor, and warm, loving nature make them a pleasure to be with. I absolutely loved hearing about their latest travels, including a recent expedition to the Galapagos! It was clear to me that they love each other and their beautiful dogs very deeply so I was thrilled with the opportunity to create a beautiful portrait showing their close bond.

I do not take the responsibility lightly when asked to create portrait art of a family with their dogs. Our dogs are more than just pets, they become an integral part of our daily lives. Dogs are family members that are not with us nearly long enough, so my goal is to show the love and connection between them and their owners. When I met "Sofia", "Zoey", and "Tuffy" I loved them instantly! They have the sweetest personalities and clearly adore their parents. 

As a person who cherishes my memories with all the dogs I've loved throughout my life, it was especially important to me to show the bond between this family. I love the gorgeous portraits we created of Gary, Judith, and their three sweet girls. 

From Judith: Jon Wolf creates memories with magnificently created portraits, not just photographs. Ours was unique with three elder canines. His attention to detail was superb. His creations will last a lifetime; long after our dear canine family members, in their twilight years, have gone to heaven. -Judith and Gary Vance 

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Precious Ziva

Jon's thoughts: Being a photographic portrait artist for 40 years has given me many opportunities to create portraits of the children and grandchildren of previous clients. Janet called me recently and reminded me that I had photographed her son more than 30 years ago and now wanted me to create an artpiece of her daughter's one-year-old beautiful daughter. It was especially meaningful dressing her in her Great-Great-Grandfather's 130-year-old christening gown, beautifully handmade, detailed with lace. Ziva was a delight through the entire session. Janet now owns many gorgeous portraits of her granddaughter and the one you see here was made into an artpiece, now proudly on display in Janet's home. I am looking forward to photographing Ziva's child in the same gown when she is grown up with a family of her own.

From Janet: Jon first photographed a member of my family over 30 years ago. When I wanted some very special photographs of my granddaughter I was thrilled that Jon agreed to do them for us. The experience of watching him work with Ziva and sharing the whole experience with my daughter and granddaughter was almost as priceless to me as were the results. I'm already looking forward to his next creation for us. Thank you Jon.  - Janet Mahan

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Eugene and Kay Santarelli:

Jon's thoughts: It is always an honor to photograph a military family that has served at Davis Monthan Air Force Base. I met Kay and Gene a few years ago when they asked me to create an art piece celebrating their 30 years together. During their session they fascinated me with stories from their travels as their various assignments took them throughout the world. As a command pilot Gene racked up more than 4,000 hours in fighter aircraft including two tours in Southeast Asia. Gene, a retired lieutenant general (three stars), was the Senior Commander at DMAFB from 1990-1993. He retired as Vice Commander of Pacific Air Forces, his last assignment in Hawaii. As Vice Commander Gene was responsible for Air Force activities covering half the world supporting 55,000 people serving at 12 major locations around the South Pacific.

In both Gene and Kay I found not only a passion for each other but also for our country. They radiate strength, commitment, honesty, integrity and warmth. Thank you both for all you have done in the service to our country!

Gene honored me recently by allowing me to create portraits of him in uniform which I am thrilled to share with you here.

From Kay: We now have a “Jon Wolf” in our home, and love it. Everyone comments who walks through our front door.

We had talked about a family portrait for years, putting it off for no good reason. Finally getting over our lethargy and meeting with Jon proved to be one of the memorable experiences of our lives. From the “get to know you” initial meeting, through the photo shoot, the selection process, and finishing with the final portraits, the experience was filled with Jon’s “professional excellence”. His personal touch with each step instilled a confidence in us along the way. We could not have asked for a better experience.

Then to top it off, Jon honored Gene with a request to create portraits of him in uniform. Jon’s thoughtfulness and ability to capture in a few portraits the meaning of the moment, and 32 years of professional military life, continue to marvel us. We will be forever grateful. 
- Lt General (Ret), USAF Eugene & Kay Santarelli

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Dr. Geoffrey & Jennifer Landis and Family

From Jon: I smiled throughout our entire meeting when I first met Jen. Her fun personality, her skill in articulating her portrait goals, and most importantly Jen's natural ability to communicate her love for Geof and their children helped me envision the art piece I would create of her family.

At their home I noticed Jen's children are just like her; personable, intelligent, warm and loving. Geof showed he is a wonderful dad playfully and lovingly interacting with their children. As one of Tucson's most well respected orthopedics Geof works a tough surgeon's schedule but I saw that when he is with his family they are his only focus. When I photographed Jen and Geof together I saw a couple deeply in love, passionate for each other. 

When I arrived at their beautiful home for their session I was stunned by the incredible vista they have behind them. Every night they are treated to a three dimensional view of Tucson's mountains painted with orange and purple. Although I utilized many areas in and around their home for other groupings this view would obviously be the backdrop to their family portrait.

From Jen: Family portraits have a history of being a dreaded affair including bribery, threats, tears, sweat and a shared desire for it all to be over! I can honestly say, our session with Jon was the most fun we have ever had getting our pictures taken. The whole vibe of our time was relaxed and playful. By putting us at ease, Jon brought out our true personalities and was able to capture genuine happiness and love. Both Jon and Gisele were not only great with our three kids but equally impressive with our constant motion dog Wylie. From picking a small flower for my daughter to hold, to reassuring me of discrete editing, Jon's talent made our portraits beyond beautiful. As our children grow and change, I will forever cherish these portraits.   - Jen Landis

Monday, August 11, 2014

Donnie Schacht (Updated: See 1st post below)

From Jon:  I last saw Donnie a few weeks ago. He had just started Novocure therapy involving the delivery of an electrical field to the tumor in his brain to hopefully prevent the cancer from growing further. He was to fly to a center in Houston the following week for additional treatment but he shortly thereafter succumbed to the cancer and was placed in home hospice. A few days later, surrounded by his family, Donnie lost a courageous battle two days shy of his 42nd birthday.

I knew Donnie a very short time but in designing portraits for him and Maya I discovered a man filled with inner strength and love for his family. He never let me see the side of him concerned for his future. Donnie allowed me to photograph him wearing the electrical device and I created the portrait below showing the inner strength of a man fighting a difficult battle.

I wish peace and only good memories for Maya and their children.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Donnie & Maya Schacht and Children

Jon's thoughts: One of the ways I meet new clients is by displaying at Home Shows. At a recent show I met a young couple that wanted a portrait created with their three beautiful young children. While chatting with Maya I learned that Donnie was afflicted with a severe cancer, their previous year having been occupied with surgeries and treatments.

In my years of photographing I have several times created portraits for people with serious illnesses. They all have wanted portraits for their family because they are unsure of their future. I have always felt the sorrow and the fright they felt and I have not taken lightly their trust in me to create something special for them.

At my first meeting with Donnie and Maya they seemed on purpose, knowing what they had to deal with and they dealt with their health issues positively. There was something about them that was so likable and I thought of them daily until we met to create their family's portraits. In their interactions I saw a family filled with strength, love and determination. They wanted a traditional family portrait but I knew there was more that I was going to create for them. At the portrait session I felt so much affection for their family. It was so easy to capture the love that they feel for each other. I created three different compositions of their family and then everyone had a turn to be photographed with Dad. In a short time I became very close to this family and will keep in touch.

Following is a slide show of the beautiful portraits that we created together. Click on the "full screen" button bottom right for a larger show... ignore that the first few images will show as blurry. 

From Maya:  I had wanted a professional family portrait for a while. Then when my husband was diagnosed with brain cancer, I knew that there was no time to wait. Jon takes the time to get to know you before the session. During our session Jon didn’t just take pictures, he told a story. He captured the love and life in our family. He made it so much more personal and was wonderful to work with. You can go anywhere and have a picture taken and that is not what we wanted. They were incredible. Jon’s photography session brought tears to my eyes. He is truly a talented photographer. Our family will cherish these portraits forever. I would highly recommend Jon Wolf to anyone looking to have a masterpiece taken.  
- Maya and Donnie Schacht

Monday, March 11, 2013

John-Carl & Michael

Jon's thoughts: Tucson is a perfect place to be a photographic portrait artist… we have such breathtaking backdrops. A brief winter storm had painted our mountain tops with snow providing a rare and glorious setting to surround these two incredibly creative and talented men. John-Carl and Michael had been together for over 42 years when I met them. Retiring in Tucson after so many years in Southern California they fell in love with our scenery and climate. Time during the session passed too quickly as we laughed so much while creating their portraits at Sabino Canyon. I enjoy photographing for couples that have loved each other for so long. Their passion for life, as well as for each other, was beautifully evident during our time together.  

From John-Carl: My life partner and I just received our beautiful portraits taken by Jon Wolf. From our first meeting, we knew we were in the presence of a very talented man. His analysis of our needs and desired results were spot on; his recommendations about session location and time of day could not have been better; and the finished portrait was just stunning: above and beyond our expectations. Most importantly, the experience was comfortable and enjoyable because Jon is such a nice man who put us at ease from the very start. We highly recommend Jon Wolf to anyone wanting a great portrait and a fun experience. - John-Carl and Michael 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Michael Stewart

Jon's thoughts:  I first photographed for Michael and Pam Stewart over 30 years ago and have since had the honor to photograph their family several times. Recently we created beautiful art pieces in our studio for Pam’s parents’ entire family: a joyful crowd of 20. In addition to the entire Singleton family we took the opportunity to create portraits of each of the separate families as well. During this fun hour and a half I kept noticing an expression of great pride and contentment on Michael’s face. He agreed to allow me to photograph just him and here we have the result. I greatly enjoy this look of warmth and strength that Michael has when he and Pam are surrounded by their children, their spouses and the grandchildren. Not only clients, I have long considered the Stewarts friends.

From Pam: It has been a distinct pleasure to know and have Jon photograph our family for over 30 years starting with our oldest when he was two years old. Because Jon's work was and is so enchanting, it became a tradition for our boys to have a portrait when they turned two. It then turned into other sessions over the seasons with treasured mementos of the changing seasons of life including extended family. Each session was completely thought out from the initial interview with Jon to the final delivery. The portrait of Mike is just one more example of the gift Jon has for portraiture. When I first saw it, my breath was taken away because it captures the essence of my wonderful husband. Each of the portraits hanging in our home have a feeling evident in them that Jon was able to capture. Bravo for a job exceedingly well done!   -Pam Stewart

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Lasala Family

Jon's thoughts: When I met the Lasalas at a recent Home Show I was struck by what a close family they are. German, one of Tucson’s most respected doctors of internal medicine, has such a warm and confident demeanor that it is obvious as to why his patients love him so much. Daria is both nurse and practice manager. Her love of life is infectious to all that meet her. Having daughters of my own it was emotional for me to see the affectionate relationship they share with their beautiful daughter. She is bright, intelligent, witty, and oh so loving… just like mom and dad. At every break the family was laughing and hugging. Although I created several stunningly artistic portraits of their family I couldn’t resist sharing this touching image of her cuddling with daddy.

From Daria: Having family portraits done with Jon Wolf was not just a photo session but an experience with our family that will never be forgotten. Jon made us feel comfortable and at ease while making it a fun experience for our daughter. The completed portraits skyrocketed over our expectations. Jon is a master with lighting and has an incredible ability to capture our family's emotions. Our portraits will be cherished in our family for many years.              -The Lasala Family

Friday, March 2, 2012

“Protecting our Country”

Jon's thoughts: While Guy and Ann Walsh were stationed at Davis-Monthan I was given the joy of photographing their children a couple of times. Daniel and Ryan are more friends than brothers. When Guy was asked by the Air Force to move to Washington State to command a Close Air Support unit for the Army, Ann asked me to create an art piece representing Guy’s stint as the A-10 squadron commander. This was really fun boy-stuff for me! After getting a tour of the Thunderbolt II, the Squadron Operations area, and the flight simulator (I only crashed twice) we laid out the plan. We scheduled a sunset session and created many powerful images in both color and black & white. Among their favorites was the image below representing Guy moving on to his next life with the Air Force. He has recently retired as a Brigadier General, commander of the Air Force's Air Expeditionary Wing in Afghanistan. While there General Walsh flew frequently; no fewer than two combat missions per week. A member of the Air Force Academy Class of '79 he made his 79th A-10C combat mission on the 4th of July 2010 his final one. The Walshes are now looking forward to watching their sons' successful careers with Ryan studying in New Zealand and Daniel following in dad's footsteps having just started at the Air Force Academy.
Thank you Guy for protecting our country!

From Guy: I am honored that you would include our portrait on your blog. Our collection of Jon Wolf portraits are prized possessions for our family. 
-Guy and Ann Walsh

Monday, February 27, 2012

The Arnold Family

Jon's thoughts: The Arnolds have four unique children: each creative, each warm and loving. Jeff and Laura shared some joyful stories about their kids during our planning session giving me enough insight to capture the beautiful emotion in each of the following portraits. The art pieces you see below are a result of a delightful afternoon with this friendly laid-back family at their stunning home. 

From Laura:  In August of 2011, we met with Jon Wolf regarding photos of our family. He asked us what we wanted our pictures to portray. I told him I wanted our portraits to have a casualness about them; I wanted them to reflect who we are as a whole as well as individuals; and I wanted to see peace. As I look at our artwork now this is exactly what I see. In each portrait of my children (all 4 of them) I can see just who they are: the teenage "sneer" I would call it on the face of my 16 year old who didn't really want to have his picture taken, but was doing it for his Mom; the gentle spirit of my 14 year old with his dog cuddled in the grass; the innocence of our youngest son, and the mischievousness of our daughter on her Daddy's shoulder. The group portrait, set in our yard, not only will be a reminder of our home, but gives you that sense of peace I was looking for. In the crazy, hectic life of our family these peaceful moments are few and far between, but Jon was able to capture one on film and give me a reminder of them over the years to come. Working with Jon was wonderful; he took the time to get to know us, and was able to deliver to us just what he promised... masterpieces. 
-The Arnold Family: Jeff, Laura, Jafe, Brock, and Callie Anne  

Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Lewis Grandchildren

Jon's thoughts:  I first met Larry and Sue Lewis while displaying my art at a recent Home Show and we hit it off immediately. It turns out their grandson and my daughter were cast mates in several theater productions at CFHS. It was incredible photographing their family! Despite their varied ages, the cousins are all best friends. I instantly knew I would create an image that showed their wonderful relationships. In addition to photographing beautifully artistic images of the family we created this serene portrait of the cousins that Larry and Sue have proudly displayed in their entry. Thank you Larry and Sue family for allowing me to share such a fun afternoon with you and your family.

From Larry:  Every time I walk by the beautiful picture you took of our seven grandchildren at Agua Caliente Park it puts a smile on my face. You took a candid shot of the kids by the lake playing with the ducks and turned it into a work of art! This was a bonus we did not expect as we were there for a family portrait that also turned out beautifully. Our entire experience with you that day was exquisite. Your calm demeanor and patience with the children allowed us to keep everyone on track that resulted in terrific pictures of everyone. We ended up with a set of family portraits that we will cherish all of our lives. Thank you and God bless you.
-Larry and Sue Lewis

Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Carlson Family

Jon's thoughts: I LOVED photographing the Carlson family! They greatly enjoy being together as a family and Gisele and I got to share in this joy. The grandchildren adore their grandparents so it made sense that we create this beautiful art piece of the kids for Jim and Chris to enjoy in addition to their portrait of the whole family. The timeless images we were able to capture continue to be a source of pride for a loving family that lives in different states.

From Chris: With Jon you get more than a portrait, you get a work of art. His attention to details -- including selecting the best sites for your photos as well as the best time of day to shoot them -- are just examples of how meticulous Jon is about making the finished product a memory that you will treasure forever. Our family loved working with him and cannot be happier with the results. 
-Jim and Chris Carlson and Family 

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Grateful Client

After her portraits were delivered, a lovely lady that Jon met at a recent Home Show, sent a card with these words,

"I'm so happy that you were so good to me with your camera. My 'thank you' seems so small compared to all you've done, but it comes from my heart. Warm regards, Shirley Burke."

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Lacey & Stephen

Jon's thoughts: As Lacey, my older daughter, was growing up it was hard for me to imagine her loving a man other than me.  She is now however in a relationship with a kind and generous man who runs his life with integrity and honesty.  He is a hard worker and is successful at every thing he does.  At boot camp for the National Guard Stephen excelled through the entire process and is now receiving additional training at a camp near New Orleans.  Lacey and Stephen asked me to create romantic portraits of them before he left for boot camp and following is a video showcasing some of their beautiful images.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Cameracraftsmen of America

Jon recently traveled to St. Augustine, Florida for his annual meeting with the Cameracraftsmen of America.  The CCA is a 106-year-old invitation-only organization limited to 40 active members who are among the most gifted photographic artists in North America and Europe.  They meet each year in a different picturesque location to share creative ideas and hone their respective skills.

Jon was inducted into this prestigious group in 2000 and is both honored and humbled to be included in this incredibly talented and inspirational group of photographers. 

Although Jon loves photographing the beautiful scenery and architecture of wherever his travels take him, creating interesting portrait art of the natives has always been his favorite part of the journey. Jon loves to photograph people. Featured below are a few of our staff's favorite faces that Jon captured from his meeting in Italy a few years ago, Alaska last year, and from Greece where he met with another photographic group last year.

Friday, June 17, 2011


Jon's thoughts: Some clients already have a vision in mind when we first meet; such was the case with the loving grandmother of the girls pictured below. She saw them in white, she said, with bare feet. When I met them I found they were the angels she had described. I discovered four different personalities that together were best friends. 

The lollipop?… sweet contentment for the youngest.

From Jon's Staff: When Jon designs an heirloom art piece, he dedicates hours of creative planning and process before, during, and after the session.

He begins with questions, taking notes, exchanging ideas, and asking more questions; getting to know you in a way that allows him to capture the essence of your personality. During a session Jon rushes nothing, his playful manner relaxes everyone and we can hear the laughter from down the hall!

Jon creates portraits that families enjoy for countless years.

Cherished for generations...
   Shouldn’t you have a Jon Wolf in Your Home?

Friday, May 27, 2011

CFHS presents: The Producers

"Where Did We Go Right?"
Not everything Jon creates is for his wonderful clients.  As a parent of a Catalina Foothills High School theater student, Jon was proud to be able to donate his services recently to the school’s performing arts department when it presented the musical “The Producers."  He created a fun video of images from opening night, compiled them on a DVD, and donated several copies to the theater department and their wonderfully talented director Mr. Terry Erbe.  In fact he took hundreds of photos that night and for a $15 donation to the CFHS Falcon Players, parents can get a copy of the entire set!  Just contact Mr. Erbe to find out more.

JWP is proud to have donated all expenses and work for this project with all proceeds going to the Falcon Players.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

What Others Are Saying...

... Some kind words about Pregnancy Portraiture

"Every time I look at our portrait I again feel that moment: the love and excitement of soon welcoming twins into our family after years of infertility struggles.  Knowing this would likely be my only pregnancy I wanted to capture it somehow.  I knew I needed the best photographer in town, so I called Jon Wolf." -Barbara MacDonald

Monday, March 14, 2011

The St. Louis Family

Jon's thoughts:  I met Joe and Tania at a dinner party and we clicked immediately. They are a warm and loving couple, always laughing. They live for their boys and that devotion to family moved me to create a series of affectionate, joyful images using their stunning property as a backdrop.

The lush desert landscape provided me with multiple opportunities to seek out unexpected angles and hidden wonders. Being photographed at home was meaningful not only to Joe and Tania but also for their boys, as one day they’ll be able to share their childhood memories with their own children through these portraits.

From Joe:  Jon has a really amazing ability to capture emotions – the way the people being photographed feel about each other, the bond between family members. I find myself coming back to the photographs of my wife and sons again and again, and finding something new there almost every time. It is an amazing thing to see your family turned into a work of art.

Friday, December 10, 2010

The Matthews Family

Jon's thoughts: I could tell when I first met Clint and Alison they have a loving relationship with their sons. Clay and Jake are both star baseball players and their parents make sure they attend every game to cheer them on. In an homage to an important part of their lives, I created a canvas art piece showing the intensity of the brothers against the batting cage that their Dad built for them. I was so creatively excited when I saw the Matthews’ beautiful home with so many areas in which to photograph. As the owner of Bonita Steel Builders Inc., Clint knows steel. He designed and built an architecturally gorgeous rusted steel ramada showcasing the entry to their home. The front and back have impressive planters made from matching steel. Certainly we had to use these elements in some of their portraits. I had such a blast photographing this wonderfully close family in their exquisite home. 

From Clint and Alison: From the very beginning Jon told us he doesn't take pictures, he photographs our feelings. And when we first saw the results of his work during the viewing of the proofs with a slideshow, it was an emotional experience. He did it - he captured our souls! He turned a two-dimensional medium into a three dimensional magical record of our journey to get the family portrait. Jon is the consummate professional. From the first minutes of the interview, to the help he provides in the selection of clothing and set location, to the easiness in which he shoots our images, and during the selection of the final pieces, he made sure we got what we wanted. Thanks Jon for making us "feel good."

P.S. We were extremely impressed with the "magic" you pulled from that tired old batting cage.
The Matthews - Clint, Alison, Clay, and Jake

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Desiree Herndon

About Gisele:  Many people think that because Jon is the name on the sign he is the star of the studio, but Gisele has been photographing for over 25 years. She is the first woman in the state of Arizona to be recognized by the Professional Photographers of America as a Master Photographic Craftsman.  Gisele was Arizona’s Best of Show photographer and has won numerous National and State awards. She has influenced photographers across North America during her teaching of professional seminars from coast to coast. She is also Jon’s beloved wife of 22 years.

Gisele's thoughtsDesiree and I have been the closest of friends for nearly 15 years. Our children have grown up together and I love her and her family as my own. For some time I have had a vision of an art piece I wanted to create for Desiree of her and her children that would convey each of their dynamic personalities. Desiree is such an incredible mother nurturing a unique and beautiful relationship with each of her three children. Our kids are all growing up now, our eldest daughters just graduated from high school and are now off at college. I was so thrilled to have been able to capture these precious moments for my dear friend.

From Desiree:  During the photo shoot, I wept tears of joy and overwhelming love as I held each of my children so closely. Gisele intuitively recognized the unique, loving and special relationship I have with each child. Every portrait beautifully exposes our unique bond. These exquisite black and white portraits intimately convey the warmth, love, and gratitude I feel for my family. Thank you Gisele!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Dick and Ginny Morrison

Jon's thoughts: Having owned wonderful dogs my entire life I am overjoyed whenever I have the chance to show the loving relationships between people and their furry children. I was tickled to see the incredible affinity that Dick and Ginny have with their beautiful dogs. These exceptionally regal Golden Retrievers are full of strength and intelligence. The affection between the four of them was heartwarming. “Buddy” and “Sweetie” are truly their family. I love the way the end-of-day light dances across their luxurious fur in this portrait. We created unique art pieces for both their Tucson home and their home in Rhode Island. I feel fortunate for the opportunity to create for such a warm and loving couple.

From Dick and Ginny: Jon Wolf is a true professional. His mastery of late afternoon sunlight is reminiscent of Dutch School painters like Rembrandt. He worked exceptionally well with our two Golden Retrievers who were constantly distracted by local wild fowl at the scene. Jon was able to evoke just the right amount of casual affection that we wanted our portraits to show. Our experience was as pleasant as it was gratifying. It was a “once in a lifetime" occasion, the results of which will be shared with our children and our grandchildren.
With much gratitude and appreciation.  
- Dick and Ginny Morrison

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Deborah and Jaelin

Jon's thoughts: I was thrilled to have the opportunity to create for Deborah and her stunning baby girl Jaelin-Hiilani. When I met Deborah I was immediately struck by her daughter’s gorgeous blue eyes. Jaelin has an equally beautiful personality; bubbly, intelligent and very loving. Deborah is an inspiring single mother with strong emotional ties to Hawaii. She shared with me that Ohana (inked on her shoulder) is a special Hawaiian word for family, emphasizing the compassionate bond between relatives. Her personality embodies the aloha-spirit of love and harmony. Jaelin’s Hawaiian name Hiilani means “held in the arms of heaven.” It is apparent that her daughter is her world, and that she is the world in her daughter’s eyes. The incredible connection between mother and daughter is evident in the art that I created for them.

From Deborah: I am so grateful that Jon Wolf immortalized such a special moment in time for my daughter and me. Children stay young for such a short time and I wanted very special, very unique portraits to reflect my love for my daughter. I feel Jon Wolf's artistic interpretation and representation of our special bond was something I could not get just anywhere. These beautiful portraits are now part of my legacy to my family for generations to come.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Anthony and Sadie Felix

Jon's thoughts: Anthony and Sadie are serving our country in the Air National Guard. They as well as their six other children take loving care of Johnny, the baby in the family. I am impressed by the determination Anthony has to keep himself in such phenomenal physical shape and ensure that he will be around for his children for many years. (He is probably in better shape now than when he wrestled in high school.) This art piece captures both the love and protection a father feels for his children. I am thrilled to know that many years from now Johnny will be sharing this powerful portrait with his children.

From Anthony:  I would just like to say Jon Wolf's manner during our portrait experience was fantastic. He really took our family step-by-step through the whole wonderful process and made everything fun and exciting. Thank you Jon! 
- The Felix Family

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Ho Twins

Jon's thoughts:  I just created portrait art of Emily and Natalie for the second time. Four years ago we created gorgeous traditional heirloom images in the studio and recently I had the great joy of photographing these beautifully close twin sisters around their home. Their father Don owns a successful business and takes lots of time to be a loving father whom the girls adore. Norma is a dedicated mother to all three of her angels (including their adorable dog Cacho). When I am with Norma and her girls I can sense the deep-rooted connection that will last their lifetimes. Having two close daughters myself, I am always touched by the bond between sisters. While the girls each have their own unique and stunning personality it is obvious that as twins they share a closeness and intimacy beyond what most siblings experience. It was so rewarding to be able to capture the love between the two sisters as well as for their devoted parents.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Nancy & Burt Kinerk and Family

Jon's thoughts: Around the holidays I had the wonderful experience of photographing Nancy and Burt Kinerk, their three children and spouses, and eleven grandchildren. If you have been in Tucson for more than a few years you know of Nancy and Burt. They are admirable Tucsonans, greatly involved in numerous local charities and organizations; Tu Nidito, Casa de los Ninos, and Community Foodbank to name just a few. As a family they laughed continuously enjoying their moments together. Their love and respect for each other was unmistakable. It was especially meaningful to capture their portrait in front of the home that has been in Burt’s family for years. Experiencing the closeness this family shares was such a treat for me.

From Nancy: I hardly know where to start exclaiming about our experience with Jon and our family portrait. We have a large family that we’re extremely proud of, and Jon undertook the challenge of capturing that in a picture. To call the finished product a picture doesn’t even begin to do the process justice. Jon’s attention to detail, his artistic eye, his patience…all of this and much more, produced a work of art that we proudly have hanging in a place of honor in our home. Our children also have portraits of their individual families for future memories. Thank you, Jon, for the treasures you have given us!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Dyson Family

Jon's thoughts: Wow! I delivered six exquisite art pieces (and lots of 8x10s) to the Dysons just last night. Both doctors, both deeply spiritual, Duane and Senait are dedicated parents highly involved in their children's lives. I loved the obvious closeness of brother and sister. Please watch the beautiful video of their images. I am proud to share their family with you.

From Drs. Duane and Senait Dyson: Our family is captured beautifully in Jon Wolf's work. Every detail of confidence, humility, innocence and life is displayed in each of the dozens of pictures we have inherited from Jon. Each portrait is a treasured reflection because of Jon.

Friday, December 4, 2009

The Smyth Family

From Sam: We love our pictures! Each one looks like a special painting and everyone has been impressed with the huge portrait, we all look so natural in the setting. That had to do with Jon's ability to put us at ease. Jon did a great job at the photo session getting us to relax and enjoy the whole experience together. He did beautiful work with the lighting as well as capturing different facial expressions on each of the children, expressions that we never could capture on our own. These are portraits to be treasured by us for our lifetime. Thank you! 
-Sam and Stephen Smyth


Holiday Gift Certificates

 A Jon Wolf Gift Certificate used for a family portrait is a holiday gift to be enjoyed for generations to come!  
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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Staples Family

Jon's thoughts: What an incredible experience it was for me to get to know Bill and Lissa Staples and their sons. Everyone is so active and yet it was so emotionally exciting for me to feel the bond the boys have with each other as well as the love they show their parents. Michael was on vacation after just graduating from West Point. He is now serving our country as an officer in the Army flying huge attack helicopters. Douglas is doing well at the University of Arizona getting ready for a career in protecting our ecology. Conor is a Foothills High School student impressing everyone with his theatrical skills; singing and acting. Those who know Lissa may have been fortunate to hear her talents as a professional singer. I love the way their images capture the joy, warmth, and love they share with each other. As a bonus we discovered we are neighbors and have gotten together socially.

 From Bill and Lissa: Jon was the consummate professional in staging us and preparing us for our portraits. His great sense of humor allowed us to be at ease and have fun with our session. We deeply appreciate the considerable time he spent with us selecting the best images and finishes. His expertise in creating a wonderful family feeling is evident in his work. Jon’s portraits are pure art. Our family will enjoy them for generations to come. 
-The Staples Family

Thursday, September 24, 2009

The DiChristofano Family

Who said you can't wear black for a black and white portrait? Jon Wolf is a master at capturing tone from the darkest dark to the lightest light.
"Art in Black & White"

Jon's thoughts: I am impressed that both Mike and Laura DiChristofano work hard at their business and for our community and yet I discovered they devote a lot of time for family as well. Laura is continually active in volunteering for many Tucson charities (including Tu Nidito for which I have supported and photographed for years). Mike and his family are successful at maintaining the exceptional reputation for which Volvo of Tucson has been known for over 35 years. (My sister LOVES her beautiful new convertible and talks non-stop of her positive experience!) It was instantly obvious how close their sons, Nick and Tony, are with their parents. They touch and hold each other in a way that genuinely shows their love for each other. It was endearing to watch such loving parents. Mike's main priority was a B&W portrait of Laura and their sons, which you see above. If you are in the neighborhood drop by Volvo of Tucson and ask to see this incredible 40 inch art piece in Mike's beautiful office. He will be proud to share this with you.

From Mike:  "The gorgeous portrait that Jon created of my wife and sons, on display in my office, helps the long work hours go by quickly. Thank you for your thoughtful attention to detail and artist's eye for capturing their personalities on canvas." -Mike DiChristofano

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Bill Frey

This portrait of William Frey inspires us every day. We actually have a miniature of this art piece in our work space... just to make us smile. Jon not only captured the twinkle in his eyes, but the essence of a man who lived life to the fullest. Jon read the story in his face and transferred it to this work of art. Jon has created personal art for The Frey family for over 20 years.
- The Jon Wolf Staff

"Our International Clients" 

Jon's thoughts: I have enjoyed calling Michael and Monica Frey friends for over 30 years. Michael had top dental practice in Tucson but the family chose a more leisurely lifestyle in Queensland, Australia several years ago. The last time they were in Tucson we created an updated portrait of Mike's entire family. We photographed near Sabino Canyon with a backdrop of beautiful mature saguaros and a purplish-gold sunlit mountain. We had such a great time creating several beautiful compositions. As we were getting ready to leave, I noticed Mike's father Bill resting on his walking stick, the soft end-of-day light beautifully accenting his eyes. When he looked at me I could feel the confidence and strength that Bill maintained through his life. He and his wife Mary Lou are a proud example of over 50 years of love, friendship and commitment to their family. I just love the glow from his wedding band signifying that Mary Lou is always with him. Sadly, Bill passed recently. His memorial service was packed with friends and family sharing wonderful stories and saying goodbye. The portrait you see above was displayed at the front of the service.

From Dr. Michael and Monica Frey:  “Jon captured a moment in time with our family’s first portrait that grew more valuable to us as the years passed. So many changes had occurred in the ten years since our first Jon Wolf portrait that it just seemed like a good idea to stop the clock again. Jon exceeded our expectations for a second time and I know we will cherish his work for many years to come.”

Friday, September 4, 2009

The Fohr Family

So beautiful it looks like a painting! The people, the pooch, and the peaks are all perfect. Jon has a way of bringing out the best in everyone... and yes, even Mother Nature! My favorite part of this shot? The little dog's attentive expression! I'll bet Jon was barking at the dog (he's been known to) in order to make him alert like that!

"Why we love Tucson"

Jon's thoughts: Bruce and Janet Fohr have enjoyed Tucson as their home for 30 years. Their son Rob met beautiful Christine at Seminary school in Kentucky and a few months prior to their wedding they asked me to create this family art piece. It turns out we have a friend in common and they asked these wonderful people if we could use their "back yard" for portraits. As you can see they have an amazing view living right next door to Sabino Canyon. Their daughter Emily insisted on adding "Peluche" to the portrait and since I love dogs, I was delighted! The whole family has a great sense of humor and we laughed nonstop. One thing I have always enjoyed in creating portraits outdoors is finding a direction of light that accents the background while flattering my clients. We waited until the glow on the mountain was just so.

From Bruce and Janet: "What more can we say than 'thank you' for the outstanding job you and your Jon Wolf Photography studio did in producing our family “heirloom” portraits? From our first consultation with you, to the incredible location, to the enjoyable photo session — you were amazing, including your special, unique way of photographing dogs — to our final meeting in which you helped us select just the right frames, you truly brought out the 'best' in our family—including our son, Rob, his wife, Christine, our daughter, Emily, and her little dog, Peluche. We really think that you produced a masterpiece and some beautiful individual portraits of our entire family. You are the consummate photographic art professional." -Bruce & Janet Fohr and Family