Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Lasala Family

Jon's thoughts: When I met the Lasalas at a recent Home Show I was struck by what a close family they are. German, one of Tucson’s most respected doctors of internal medicine, has such a warm and confident demeanor that it is obvious as to why his patients love him so much. Daria is both nurse and practice manager. Her love of life is infectious to all that meet her. Having daughters of my own it was emotional for me to see the affectionate relationship they share with their beautiful daughter. She is bright, intelligent, witty, and oh so loving… just like mom and dad. At every break the family was laughing and hugging. Although I created several stunningly artistic portraits of their family I couldn’t resist sharing this touching image of her cuddling with daddy.

From Daria: Having family portraits done with Jon Wolf was not just a photo session but an experience with our family that will never be forgotten. Jon made us feel comfortable and at ease while making it a fun experience for our daughter. The completed portraits skyrocketed over our expectations. Jon is a master with lighting and has an incredible ability to capture our family's emotions. Our portraits will be cherished in our family for many years.              -The Lasala Family

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