Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Michael Stewart

Jon's thoughts:  I first photographed for Michael and Pam Stewart over 30 years ago and have since had the honor to photograph their family several times. Recently we created beautiful art pieces in our studio for Pam’s parents’ entire family: a joyful crowd of 20. In addition to the entire Singleton family we took the opportunity to create portraits of each of the separate families as well. During this fun hour and a half I kept noticing an expression of great pride and contentment on Michael’s face. He agreed to allow me to photograph just him and here we have the result. I greatly enjoy this look of warmth and strength that Michael has when he and Pam are surrounded by their children, their spouses and the grandchildren. Not only clients, I have long considered the Stewarts friends.

From Pam: It has been a distinct pleasure to know and have Jon photograph our family for over 30 years starting with our oldest when he was two years old. Because Jon's work was and is so enchanting, it became a tradition for our boys to have a portrait when they turned two. It then turned into other sessions over the seasons with treasured mementos of the changing seasons of life including extended family. Each session was completely thought out from the initial interview with Jon to the final delivery. The portrait of Mike is just one more example of the gift Jon has for portraiture. When I first saw it, my breath was taken away because it captures the essence of my wonderful husband. Each of the portraits hanging in our home have a feeling evident in them that Jon was able to capture. Bravo for a job exceedingly well done!   -Pam Stewart

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  1. Jon is an artist par excellance. The portrait he did of my family; children grandchildren and great grandchildren; was a beautiful work of an artist with photograpic equipment. Each person (20) is pictured perfectly. Only a true professional artist could do this.
    Jim Singleton