Friday, March 2, 2012

“Protecting our Country”

Jon's thoughts: While Guy and Ann Walsh were stationed at Davis-Monthan I was given the joy of photographing their children a couple of times. Daniel and Ryan are more friends than brothers. When Guy was asked by the Air Force to move to Washington State to command a Close Air Support unit for the Army, Ann asked me to create an art piece representing Guy’s stint as the A-10 squadron commander. This was really fun boy-stuff for me! After getting a tour of the Thunderbolt II, the Squadron Operations area, and the flight simulator (I only crashed twice) we laid out the plan. We scheduled a sunset session and created many powerful images in both color and black & white. Among their favorites was the image below representing Guy moving on to his next life with the Air Force. He has recently retired as a Brigadier General, commander of the Air Force's Air Expeditionary Wing in Afghanistan. While there General Walsh flew frequently; no fewer than two combat missions per week. A member of the Air Force Academy Class of '79 he made his 79th A-10C combat mission on the 4th of July 2010 his final one. The Walshes are now looking forward to watching their sons' successful careers with Ryan studying in New Zealand and Daniel following in dad's footsteps having just started at the Air Force Academy.
Thank you Guy for protecting our country!

From Guy: I am honored that you would include our portrait on your blog. Our collection of Jon Wolf portraits are prized possessions for our family. 
-Guy and Ann Walsh

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  1. A stunning and emotional image. Well done!