Monday, February 27, 2012

The Arnold Family

Jon's thoughts: The Arnolds have four unique children: each creative, each warm and loving. Jeff and Laura shared some joyful stories about their kids during our planning session giving me enough insight to capture the beautiful emotion in each of the following portraits. The art pieces you see below are a result of a delightful afternoon with this friendly laid-back family at their stunning home. 

From Laura:  In August of 2011, we met with Jon Wolf regarding photos of our family. He asked us what we wanted our pictures to portray. I told him I wanted our portraits to have a casualness about them; I wanted them to reflect who we are as a whole as well as individuals; and I wanted to see peace. As I look at our artwork now this is exactly what I see. In each portrait of my children (all 4 of them) I can see just who they are: the teenage "sneer" I would call it on the face of my 16 year old who didn't really want to have his picture taken, but was doing it for his Mom; the gentle spirit of my 14 year old with his dog cuddled in the grass; the innocence of our youngest son, and the mischievousness of our daughter on her Daddy's shoulder. The group portrait, set in our yard, not only will be a reminder of our home, but gives you that sense of peace I was looking for. In the crazy, hectic life of our family these peaceful moments are few and far between, but Jon was able to capture one on film and give me a reminder of them over the years to come. Working with Jon was wonderful; he took the time to get to know us, and was able to deliver to us just what he promised... masterpieces. 
-The Arnold Family: Jeff, Laura, Jafe, Brock, and Callie Anne  

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