Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Judith & Gary Vance

Jon's thoughts: Judith and Gary, both retired from the Air Force, have traveled the world. Their shared love of adventure, sense of humor, and warm, loving nature make them a pleasure to be with. I absolutely loved hearing about their latest travels, including a recent expedition to the Galapagos! It was clear to me that they love each other and their beautiful dogs very deeply so I was thrilled with the opportunity to create a beautiful portrait showing their close bond.

I do not take the responsibility lightly when asked to create portrait art of a family with their dogs. Our dogs are more than just pets, they become an integral part of our daily lives. Dogs are family members that are not with us nearly long enough, so my goal is to show the love and connection between them and their owners. When I met "Sofia", "Zoey", and "Tuffy" I loved them instantly! They have the sweetest personalities and clearly adore their parents. 

As a person who cherishes my memories with all the dogs I've loved throughout my life, it was especially important to me to show the bond between this family. I love the gorgeous portraits we created of Gary, Judith, and their three sweet girls. 

From Judith: Jon Wolf creates memories with magnificently created portraits, not just photographs. Ours was unique with three elder canines. His attention to detail was superb. His creations will last a lifetime; long after our dear canine family members, in their twilight years, have gone to heaven. -Judith and Gary Vance 

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