Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Precious Ziva

Jon's thoughts: Being a photographic portrait artist for 40 years has given me many opportunities to create portraits of the children and grandchildren of previous clients. Janet called me recently and reminded me that I had photographed her son more than 30 years ago and now wanted me to create an artpiece of her daughter's one-year-old beautiful daughter. It was especially meaningful dressing her in her Great-Great-Grandfather's 130-year-old christening gown, beautifully handmade, detailed with lace. Ziva was a delight through the entire session. Janet now owns many gorgeous portraits of her granddaughter and the one you see here was made into an artpiece, now proudly on display in Janet's home. I am looking forward to photographing Ziva's child in the same gown when she is grown up with a family of her own.

From Janet: Jon first photographed a member of my family over 30 years ago. When I wanted some very special photographs of my granddaughter I was thrilled that Jon agreed to do them for us. The experience of watching him work with Ziva and sharing the whole experience with my daughter and granddaughter was almost as priceless to me as were the results. I'm already looking forward to his next creation for us. Thank you Jon.  - Janet Mahan

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  1. It's nice to know that you have a customer for over 30 years, I actually likes your photo above. She looks so cute on that frame......... :)

    Nice works sir..!!!