Monday, August 11, 2014

Donnie Schacht (Updated: See 1st post below)

From Jon:  I last saw Donnie a few weeks ago. He had just started Novocure therapy involving the delivery of an electrical field to the tumor in his brain to hopefully prevent the cancer from growing further. He was to fly to a center in Houston the following week for additional treatment but he shortly thereafter succumbed to the cancer and was placed in home hospice. A few days later, surrounded by his family, Donnie lost a courageous battle two days shy of his 42nd birthday.

I knew Donnie a very short time but in designing portraits for him and Maya I discovered a man filled with inner strength and love for his family. He never let me see the side of him concerned for his future. Donnie allowed me to photograph him wearing the electrical device and I created the portrait below showing the inner strength of a man fighting a difficult battle.

I wish peace and only good memories for Maya and their children.

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