Monday, March 14, 2011

The St. Louis Family

Jon's thoughts:  I met Joe and Tania at a dinner party and we clicked immediately. They are a warm and loving couple, always laughing. They live for their boys and that devotion to family moved me to create a series of affectionate, joyful images using their stunning property as a backdrop.

The lush desert landscape provided me with multiple opportunities to seek out unexpected angles and hidden wonders. Being photographed at home was meaningful not only to Joe and Tania but also for their boys, as one day they’ll be able to share their childhood memories with their own children through these portraits.

From Joe:  Jon has a really amazing ability to capture emotions – the way the people being photographed feel about each other, the bond between family members. I find myself coming back to the photographs of my wife and sons again and again, and finding something new there almost every time. It is an amazing thing to see your family turned into a work of art.

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  1. This pops off the webpage with an almost 3-D feel. Those little details make it really special.