Friday, December 10, 2010

The Matthews Family

Jon's thoughts: I could tell when I first met Clint and Alison they have a loving relationship with their sons. Clay and Jake are both star baseball players and their parents make sure they attend every game to cheer them on. In an homage to an important part of their lives, I created a canvas art piece showing the intensity of the brothers against the batting cage that their Dad built for them. I was so creatively excited when I saw the Matthews’ beautiful home with so many areas in which to photograph. As the owner of Bonita Steel Builders Inc., Clint knows steel. He designed and built an architecturally gorgeous rusted steel ramada showcasing the entry to their home. The front and back have impressive planters made from matching steel. Certainly we had to use these elements in some of their portraits. I had such a blast photographing this wonderfully close family in their exquisite home. 

From Clint and Alison: From the very beginning Jon told us he doesn't take pictures, he photographs our feelings. And when we first saw the results of his work during the viewing of the proofs with a slideshow, it was an emotional experience. He did it - he captured our souls! He turned a two-dimensional medium into a three dimensional magical record of our journey to get the family portrait. Jon is the consummate professional. From the first minutes of the interview, to the help he provides in the selection of clothing and set location, to the easiness in which he shoots our images, and during the selection of the final pieces, he made sure we got what we wanted. Thanks Jon for making us "feel good."

P.S. We were extremely impressed with the "magic" you pulled from that tired old batting cage.
The Matthews - Clint, Alison, Clay, and Jake

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