Monday, November 8, 2010

Dick and Ginny Morrison

Jon's thoughts: Having owned wonderful dogs my entire life I am overjoyed whenever I have the chance to show the loving relationships between people and their furry children. I was tickled to see the incredible affinity that Dick and Ginny have with their beautiful dogs. These exceptionally regal Golden Retrievers are full of strength and intelligence. The affection between the four of them was heartwarming. “Buddy” and “Sweetie” are truly their family. I love the way the end-of-day light dances across their luxurious fur in this portrait. We created unique art pieces for both their Tucson home and their home in Rhode Island. I feel fortunate for the opportunity to create for such a warm and loving couple.

From Dick and Ginny: Jon Wolf is a true professional. His mastery of late afternoon sunlight is reminiscent of Dutch School painters like Rembrandt. He worked exceptionally well with our two Golden Retrievers who were constantly distracted by local wild fowl at the scene. Jon was able to evoke just the right amount of casual affection that we wanted our portraits to show. Our experience was as pleasant as it was gratifying. It was a “once in a lifetime" occasion, the results of which will be shared with our children and our grandchildren.
With much gratitude and appreciation.  
- Dick and Ginny Morrison

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  1. Jon: I know how difficult it is to work with animals...but you showed off these dogs in a remarkable way. Kudos!