Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Deborah and Jaelin

Jon's thoughts: I was thrilled to have the opportunity to create for Deborah and her stunning baby girl Jaelin-Hiilani. When I met Deborah I was immediately struck by her daughter’s gorgeous blue eyes. Jaelin has an equally beautiful personality; bubbly, intelligent and very loving. Deborah is an inspiring single mother with strong emotional ties to Hawaii. She shared with me that Ohana (inked on her shoulder) is a special Hawaiian word for family, emphasizing the compassionate bond between relatives. Her personality embodies the aloha-spirit of love and harmony. Jaelin’s Hawaiian name Hiilani means “held in the arms of heaven.” It is apparent that her daughter is her world, and that she is the world in her daughter’s eyes. The incredible connection between mother and daughter is evident in the art that I created for them.

From Deborah: I am so grateful that Jon Wolf immortalized such a special moment in time for my daughter and me. Children stay young for such a short time and I wanted very special, very unique portraits to reflect my love for my daughter. I feel Jon Wolf's artistic interpretation and representation of our special bond was something I could not get just anywhere. These beautiful portraits are now part of my legacy to my family for generations to come.


  1. Absolutely amazing portraits capturing the bond between mother and daughter. Beautiful!!!!

  2. I have a Jon Wolf, too, and this portrait reminds me of it...love just oozes through!

  3. These are sweet. Brought tears to my eyes.