Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Carlson Family

Jon's thoughts: I LOVED photographing the Carlson family! They greatly enjoy being together as a family and Gisele and I got to share in this joy. The grandchildren adore their grandparents so it made sense that we create this beautiful art piece of the kids for Jim and Chris to enjoy in addition to their portrait of the whole family. The timeless images we were able to capture continue to be a source of pride for a loving family that lives in different states.

From Chris: With Jon you get more than a portrait, you get a work of art. His attention to details -- including selecting the best sites for your photos as well as the best time of day to shoot them -- are just examples of how meticulous Jon is about making the finished product a memory that you will treasure forever. Our family loved working with him and cannot be happier with the results. 
-Jim and Chris Carlson and Family 

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  1. This portrait looks as if it was taken in Italy. So beautiful, looks like a painting. Your the most talented photographer in the world!