Friday, December 4, 2009

The Smyth Family

From Sam: We love our pictures! Each one looks like a special painting and everyone has been impressed with the huge portrait, we all look so natural in the setting. That had to do with Jon's ability to put us at ease. Jon did a great job at the photo session getting us to relax and enjoy the whole experience together. He did beautiful work with the lighting as well as capturing different facial expressions on each of the children, expressions that we never could capture on our own. These are portraits to be treasured by us for our lifetime. Thank you! 
-Sam and Stephen Smyth


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  1. Jon- just wanted to add my enthusiastic raves for your work and thank you again for our pictures. We enjoyed the session so much, we felt like we were part of an artist process.

    I am so glad I came prior to the session to get a better understanding of colors and how to prepare for the session.
    You made it so easy to choose. I could not imagine looking at all these pictures by ourselves and figuring out how to choose.
    You made this process into an event to remember.