Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Bill Frey

This portrait of William Frey inspires us every day. We actually have a miniature of this art piece in our work space... just to make us smile. Jon not only captured the twinkle in his eyes, but the essence of a man who lived life to the fullest. Jon read the story in his face and transferred it to this work of art. Jon has created personal art for The Frey family for over 20 years.
- The Jon Wolf Staff

"Our International Clients" 

Jon's thoughts: I have enjoyed calling Michael and Monica Frey friends for over 30 years. Michael had top dental practice in Tucson but the family chose a more leisurely lifestyle in Queensland, Australia several years ago. The last time they were in Tucson we created an updated portrait of Mike's entire family. We photographed near Sabino Canyon with a backdrop of beautiful mature saguaros and a purplish-gold sunlit mountain. We had such a great time creating several beautiful compositions. As we were getting ready to leave, I noticed Mike's father Bill resting on his walking stick, the soft end-of-day light beautifully accenting his eyes. When he looked at me I could feel the confidence and strength that Bill maintained through his life. He and his wife Mary Lou are a proud example of over 50 years of love, friendship and commitment to their family. I just love the glow from his wedding band signifying that Mary Lou is always with him. Sadly, Bill passed recently. His memorial service was packed with friends and family sharing wonderful stories and saying goodbye. The portrait you see above was displayed at the front of the service.

From Dr. Michael and Monica Frey:  “Jon captured a moment in time with our family’s first portrait that grew more valuable to us as the years passed. So many changes had occurred in the ten years since our first Jon Wolf portrait that it just seemed like a good idea to stop the clock again. Jon exceeded our expectations for a second time and I know we will cherish his work for many years to come.”

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  1. As evocative as this version of Mr. Frey is, just wait 'til you see him in black and white: it is in that form that Jon will display this very portrait at the upcoming Home Show at the TCC.

    Some prefer color, some prefer black and white... but great art transcends the palette. Jon's work is great art!